Terms and Conditions
The business terms are applicable to any agreement between My Everneed and the business customer (hereinafter referred to as the customer). Therefore, it is recommended that you as a customer thoroughly read through the terms. By entering cooperation, it is thus considered that the customer declares to have read, fully understood, and accepted these business, sales, and delivery terms.

  1. General
    1.1 Company: My Everneed, Jens Missers Vej 2, 7130 Juelsminde, VAT No. 32635326

1.2 My Everneed offers label projects and brand shop concepts for business customers in the hair accessories and general accessories sectors. We further offer sales of hair ornaments, jewelry, and accessories B2B through the brand names Beauty Flow, Sparkel, Little Needs, and BestDay. It is My Everneed that owns these brands, and it is with My Everneed that you as a customer enter business, when purchasing products through the brands. Purchases can be made by phone, email, through a sales representative, and via our online B2B shop

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Conditions of Agreement
2.1 The conditions, along with My Everneed’s promotional materials, including email correspondence and order confirmations, constitute the entire basis of the agreement for My Everneed’s sales and delivery of services, production, and product delivery to the customer. Below in section 5, the typical services and products offered by My Everneed are described.

2.2 For label projects: Customer purchases can be made through both written and oral acceptance of My Everneed’s offer. The customer will always subsequently receive an order confirmation which is approved via email. Thereafter, the customer receives a Brief Folder containing a step-by-step walkthrough as a receipt of our collaboration.

The customer’s specification of special terms in emails, etc., is not considered a deviation from these conditions unless My Everneed has expressly and in writing accepted these.

The price is stated in the offer materials/order confirmation, based on My Everneed’s assessment of how long it takes to prepare the proposal. The price does not include goods/product purchases. It varies how large assortments customers buy. Therefore, the price for this will be estimated when the proposal is approved by the customer. The proposal includes the desired assortment, price, etc. The customer will not receive any additional billing without prior agreement.

If, during the project or afterward, the customer desires new specific designs/expansions of the task that increase the scope of the project, the customer can choose to purchase the number of hours required for My Everneed to perform these individual tasks. These can be purchased on an hourly basis or by buying a block of hours. A block of hours is billed upon purchase and is valid for 2 years from the date of purchase unless otherwise agreed upon separately.

Before the start, the customer will receive an email where we repeat and review the phases that are also described in our order confirmation.

Payment for label projects is due in 2 installments – the first installment is due at the start of the project and the second installment upon shipment of products or no later than 60 days after the start of the task. If the customer does not pay the first installment on time, the second installment becomes due immediately. My Everneed may demand payment through collections.

If a delay in the project is due to the customer’s circumstances, and the 60 days are exceeded without a response from the customer, we will assume that the customer is not interested in completing the project – in which case the customer will be handed over the proposal developed so far and receive an invoice.

Time Estimate. A label project is expected to take about 60 days. These 60 days begin upon acceptance of the task. The customer will have ongoing dialogue with My Everneed about the project. We will adjust the project accordingly until the customer is satisfied. However, the customer will not be able to deviate significantly from what was originally agreed upon at the initial meeting and what is described in the brief folder and accepted by the customer afterward without purchasing additional hours. Ongoing corrections/modifications will be made according to a reasonableness principle regarding the scope of the corrections.

2.3 For purchases of products from our in-house brands, a final agreement on sales and delivery is considered made when the customer has accepted the order. The order is accepted provided that the goods are available. In the event of unforeseen incidents or unsatisfactory credit information about the customer emerging after the order’s acceptance, My Everneed is entitled to cancel any order without liability or demand prepayment.

Cancellation of orders (referring here to future collection orders) by the customer can only be accepted when 30% of the order’s value is paid to My Everneed and the cancellation is accepted by My Everneed in each individual case.


Note: Collection orders can only be canceled up to 14 days after the order has been placed.

Label projects that have been initiated cannot be canceled. If the customer chooses not to continue with their project, the two installments will be invoiced.

2.4 When purchasing a brand shop, a final agreement on sales and delivery is considered made when the customer has accepted the order. We accept potential financing options. The agreements between an external financing company and the customer do not involve My Everneed.

  1. Delivery Terms and Costs
    3.1 The delivery time for B2B web orders is 1-4 days. However, this does not apply to purchases of future collections. Each product will clearly state its expected delivery time.

3.2 The delivery time for label products is specially agreed with the customer. Customers can find all their agreements with My Everneed in their Brief Folder.

In cases of force majeure, delivery may be postponed until the obstacle is resolved, and normal trade and transportation are possible.

3.3 For label projects, My Everneed charges the customer for the shipping cost of packages, which is the current rate charged by the carrier.

3.4 For web orders via our B2B portal, a shipping fee of DKK 49 is added for orders under DKK 1000. For orders above this amount, shipping is free.

3.5 For Brand Shop deliveries, the shipping cost is DKK 1000.

3.6 We deliver to the address provided by the customer. It is the customer’s responsibility to continuously update practical information.

  1. Warranty
    4.1 The customer must make a claim within a “reasonable time” after discovering any defects in the product.

If the customer has a complaint, they should contact us via email at Please describe the issue in the email, and include photos and the order number. You should NOT return items without prior agreement. If we do not have a prior agreement about returning a complaint, we do not cover shipping costs.

Items must always be returned in suitable packaging.


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  1. Services and Products
    5.1 We offer White Label, Private Label, and a B2B webshop for selling in-house brands. We also provide concept sales.

5.2 My Everneed assists with and contributes to label solutions. White label processes allow the customer to select an assortment from an already existing range within the company. These products are a mix of our own designs and purchased styles. With white label products, customers have the option to customize using packaging that aligns with their concept and brand identity. If desired, logos can be stamped or sewn on or inside the products. In the case of Private Label, the customer designs and provides us with drawings of products they wish to have produced.

Purchases from our B2B shop – in-house brands – cannot be resold as white label or private label. They fall under the respective brand name.

A concept sale at My Everneed involves the opportunity to purchase a complete brand shop. The package also includes 1 assortment of hair accessories, jewelry, and accessories, sold under our in-house brand, Beauty Flow. As the customer sells items from their brand shop, replenishment with new items is only possible if the customer purchases more products.

  1. Prices, Invoicing, and Payment
    6.1 My Everneed specifies the price for a label project in the offer material sent to the customer. The price does not include products.

Prices for in-house brand products are available through our B2B shop.

6.2 All prices are quoted in Danish kroner and are exclusive of VAT.

6.3 My Everneed reserves the right to adjust prices with prior notice.

6.4 Regarding My Everneed services related to a label project, payment must be made in two equal installments:

  • The first installment is due at the commencement of the task.
  • The second installment is due upon delivery of the products. This does not include products.

6.5 For purchases of future collections, products from our B2B shop, or the brand shop concept, invoices are payable within 8 days after My Everneed has dispatched the goods/stand to the customer.

6.6 All invoices will be billed with an 8-day payment term.

  1. Customer’s Rights and Obligations
    7.1 The customer is responsible for providing all necessary information and details to My Everneed, and to do so in a timely manner, so that My Everneed can deliver the agreed services and the correct products to the customer. Such information might include practical details about the desired concept, text, dimensions, quantities, images, delivery address, etc.

7.2 My Everneed does not perform text commenting/corrections, or spell checking. Such assistance will be considered extra work and will be billed separately.


  1. Confidentiality
    8.1 My Everneed commits to maintaining the confidentiality of any information about the customer’s business concepts, business connections, and any economic or strategic information that comes to My Everneed’s knowledge during the parties’ collaboration.

8.2 My Everneed has the right to use the customer’s name as a reference in its own marketing materials.

  1. Liability
    9.1 My Everneed commits to delivering on time, provided that the customer adheres to the agreed terms and thus does not cause any delays themselves. However, My Everneed reserves the right for exceptions due to illness and other sudden emergencies, force majeure, and similar circumstances beyond My Everneed’s control (such as delays from China) that could not have been foreseen or overcome at the time of agreement.

9.2 My Everneed is liable to the customer for the services as per the general rules of Danish law, with the limitations set forth in the agreement and these terms.

9.3 My Everneed cannot be held liable for any indirect losses, including but not limited to operational losses, time losses, consequential damages, loss of profits, data loss, loss of goodwill, reputation loss, etc., that the customer may incur.

9.4 My Everneed is not liable for direct or indirect operational losses or other losses in any legally agreed respect, including product liability. Upon cancellation/annulment of an order, only a maximum refund of the payment made for the delayed or defective part of the order is possible.

9.5 In label projects, My Everneed cannot be held liable in cases where the customer has copied a design that belongs to another company. This is considered a matter between the customer and the aggrieved company. We also disclaim responsibility and will not be involved in cases where the customer experiences other companies copying their design. Such issues are solely between the customer and the companies they believe have copied their design.

My Everneed does not provide legal advice and therefore recommends that the customer seek professional legal advice if necessary.

9.6 If My Everneed takes on a project/task that turns out to be unfeasible, My Everneed reserves the right to cancel the entire agreement or the part of the task that cannot be completed, returning the payment or a portion thereof to the customer.

  1. Reservation of Title
    10.1 All goods remain the property of My Everneed until full payment has been made. All costs associated with enforcing the reservation of title fall upon the customer.
  2. GDPR
    11.1 To the extent that My Everneed receives personal data from the customer as part of collecting relevant customer information (“The Personal Data”), these will be treated securely and confidentially in accordance with applicable Danish law and EU legislation. My Everneed may only use the personal data for the purposes for which they were collected. The customer agrees to our data processing agreements when entering into a customer relationship with My Everneed.

We use third parties for processing:

  • Payment information – Quickpay
  • Purchases – E-conomic
  • Delivery information – Shipmondo
  • Email newsletter management – Mailchimp

We have entered into data processing agreements with these processors, which is our guarantee that they comply with applicable rules for the protection of your personal data.

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11.2 As a registered customer at My Everneed, you always have the right to object to the registration of your data. You also have the right to know what information is recorded about you. These rights are granted under the Personal Data Act. For inquiries, you can contact us at or by mail at Jens Missers Vej 2, 7130 Juelsminde.

  1. Newsletter
    12.1 All customers of My Everneed are automatically subscribed to the company’s newsletter, which can be unsubscribed at any time.
  2. Disputes, Jurisdiction, and Governing Law
    13.1 The agreement is governed by Danish law.

The International Sales Law (CISG) is excluded. Jurisdiction is agreed to be near My Everneed’s headquarters and the relevant district court in Denmark. However, My Everneed reserves the right to have any disputes resolved by arbitration at the Danish Arbitration Institute or the Arbitration Court under the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), where the venue shall be Denmark and the proceedings shall be conducted in Danish.

  1. Additional Provisions
    14.1 My Everneed emphasizes that information on and in all communications with the customer, including promotional materials and these terms, is accurate and truthful, but My Everneed reserves the right for typographical errors.

These terms are effective from December 1, 2023 © My Everneed